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AT HOME, 03.08.23

Arclinea At Home Marche_arclinea kitchens_3

Nestled in the Marche countryside, Federica Beltrame and Alejandro Angulo’s fairytale home appears as the product of a childlike imagination. Precisely rectangular, punctuated with evenly spaced doors and windows, this beautiful home’s pointed roof sits among a landscape of trees, meadows and gently rolling hills. Located close to the village of Filottrano, in the province of Ancona, Casa Centofinestre — which was once a farmhouse — is now the exceptional home of an extraordinary family. Federica is a gallery owner from Vicenza, and Alejandro is a choreographer and fitness entrepreneur hailing from Venezuela. Having lived in China for more than two decades, but having dreamed of a life in Marche, the couple now lives between Bali and this stunning corner of Italy with their three children.

“Many years ago, during a vacation, it was too cold to stay on the beach, so we found ourselves wandering through the countryside. The landscape, the variety of colours, the mist that enveloped everything — it enchanted us. Captivated by the beauty that lay before us, at the age of 20, we made a promise: one day we would make this place our nest.”

The Angulo family kept their promise, although they actually ended up with two nests, the other being their home on the enchanting island of Bali. This tranquil province of Indonesia offers an antidote to their previously hectic life in China, and allows them to raise their children among the peace and beauty of nature.

Arclinea At Home Marche_arclinea kitchens_4
The kitchen is the centre of activity and connection, Arclinea stainless steel kitchen
The kitchen is the hearth of the house, Arclinea stainless steel kitchen
“For us, the kitchen is the centre of activity and connection: we prepare food together, have conversations, the children draw, and we work.”
Arclinea stainless steel door kitchen handle
Arclinea Lignum et Lapis kitchen collection
Arclinea worktop kitchen

Chosen for its charming simplicity and picturesque surroundings, Federica and Alejandro have retained the property’s original farmhouse layout, elegantly restoring it with contemporary touches seamlessly introduced by the architect Marco Pignattai, who is an old family friend. As for the furnishings, Federica attended to these herself. With a significant career as an art gallery director in Beijing behind her, she shifted her focus to regenerative design, architecture, and interiors upon relocating to Bali. She describes this journey as a fulfilling one that has provided her with the opportunity to curate sustainable and harmonious living spaces. She turned to this design and styling approach when furnishing the interiors of her Italian home, where calming colours, a minimalistic style, and thoughtfully designed environments contribute to the gentle atmosphere and sense of serenity that pervade and define its spaces.

Arclinea At Home Marche_arclinea kitchens_10
“Besides its breathtaking landscapes, Bali fascinates us for its spiritual heart. People continuously offer precious lessons about sacred rituals and traditions that hold significance in life.”
Aleandro and Federica's kids playing in Bali
Aleandro playing with his kid in front of the sea
Federica (owner of Arclinea kitchen) and her daughter playing in front of the sea

The kitchen evolved into its role as the heart of the home when Federica attended a cooking class at an Arclinea showroom. Here she had the chance to experience the steel island model, subsequently specifying it for her kitchen with an appreciation for the simplicity, cleanliness and professionalism of its design features. From that moment, the kitchen became a guiding light for the rest of the project, and the former barn was transformed into a space where it sits strong and elegant at the centre of the family home.

Dining room in centofinestre house, where they choose an Arclinea kitchen
Lignum et Lapis arclinea kitchen at Centofinestre house
Kitchen and living space at Centofinestre house
“A delightful ritual we rediscovered here in Italy is the aperitivo. We love gathering at sunset; it’s a serene moment that warms our hearts and brings us closer together.”
Country italian house with Arclinea kitchen

Friends from far-reaching corners of the world are invited to visit Federica and Alejandro in the Marche, and to experience the charm of their heart-warming home. Delighted guests can often be found gathered at the stove, experimenting with culinary creations of their own. The kitchen has become a space in the home for exchange and sharing, where flavours, cultures, and stories find synergy as a joyous celebration of food and friendship. With ingredients from their home garden, buffalo products from the nearby dairy, and the skills of chef friends, the kitchen is enlivened as a hub for domestic conviviality.

Bath in the living room of the italian house with Arclinea kitchen
livingroom with fireplace in the country house with Arclinea kitchen
“We have a deep love for this region, embracing its turquoise sea, majestic mountains, and boundless hills.”
Arclinea At Home Marche_arclinea kitchens_20
outdoor dining space in the Italian countryside house with Arclinea kitchen
outdoor living space with swimming pool of Centofinestre house with Arclinea kitchen

Architect: Pignattai Rabagli Studio
Photography: Valentina Sommariva (Casa Centofinestre), Yulinar Rusman (portraits)
Art Direction and original Italian text: Juma
English translation: Milly Burroughs


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