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Each Arclinea kitchen is the result of careful design in line with the Collection: a unique and distinctive world of products that changes over time without ever getting old. Each new product is conceived to become a part of the whole. The Arclinea Collection is a design template, a set of transversal elements linked by a fil rouge, an inimitable unicum of solutions, made to meet the requirements of concrete, daily, creative and shared use. Arclinea intends the kitchen to increasingly use the systems belonging to other rooms and reach out to new cultures, uses of space, utilisations. It is expected to know how to integrate new functions and meet the challenges of technology. Each project, therefore, must meet different criteria, while persisting in complying with ergonomic rules as well as with the needs dictated by safety and sustainability. Attention to detail, to materials, to style, dialogues with research and innovation, leading to surprising results.