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Parc du Hamoir

Project² developed the ‘Parc du Hamoir’ on the renowned Avenue Hamoir, one of the most beautiful avenues in Uccle-Brussels close by the Bois de la Cambre and Avenue Louise. Parc du Hamoir is a 1.5 ha private and gated property with century old trees. The park will be redesigned by world famous landscape architect Günther Voght. Project² has asked renowned Swiss architects Diener & Diener to construct a building in which architectural quality goes hand in hand with elegance, discretion and full unity with the site. All apartments have the qualities of true penthouses, with large open terraces and a feeling of space surrounded by a beautiful and private park. The secured property enjoys a five-star service with a real lobby, concierge services and security to meet the desires of its occupants. Located on one of the most beautiful avenues in Brussels, in the heart of a private park, these spacious prestige apartments have unique charm. Each apartment is completely enveloped in a green, leafy setting. To retain the authentic character of this extraordinary residential space, extra special care has been taken over the harmony between the interior and exterior. Inside, the fixtures and fittings have been chosen for their quality and reputation. The kitchen has been selected from the top of the range of the Arclinea brand. All the reception spaces and most of the private rooms have pale oak parquet flooring. Every detail has been meticulously thought through, both technically – for example the reinforced sound insulation – and aesthetically, with an elegant, bright, simple contemporary design, in line with the standards and expectations of the owners.

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Parc du Hamoir, Bruxelles, Belgium-2
Parc du Hamoir, Bruxelles, Belgium-3
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Parc du Hamoir, Bruxelles, Belgium-5
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Parc du Hamoir
Developer: Project², Antwerp
Architecture: Diener & Diener, Basel
Arclinea partner: Arclinea Brussels
Ph. Serge Verheylewegen