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SHOWROOM, 21.04.23

The 2023 edition of Milan Design Week brings to light Drawing Better Connections, Arclinea’s approach to Ethical Design, through a curated series of initiatives, and a newly renovated space by Antonio Citterio, at the company’s flagship in Via Durini 7.

Arclinea’s consistent commitment to designing spaces where functions and conviviality are amplified is reflected by the updated presentation of its showrooms. New layers of materials, partnerships and design have been informed by the purpose to continue creating extraordinary kitchen spaces to inspire everyday connections.

Arclinea Milano Showroom_Milan Design Week_kitchen collection__Durini_1

Most prominent in the new-look Arclinea showroom is the Lignum et Lapis island. It presents an iconic design identity and features a refined but impactful worktop, made of polished Ecotone™ in New Era Nirvana colour — an innovative material made of bio-based resin, low crystalline silica content and recycled glass. Stave doors are finished with g_cover and include the Lignum integrated handles in black PVD steel. The operative wall — defined by its strong, solid aesthetic — also features g_cover on its external wood panels. Two pockets open to reveal a surprising, elegant Light menta colour that is found on both the inner matte lacquered structure and the inner worktops, made from polished Ecotone™ in the New Era Atlantis colour.

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Arclinea Milano Showroom_Milan Design Week_kitchen collection__Durini_4
Arclinea Milano Showroom_Milan Design Week_kitchen collection__Durini_5

The focus of Arclinea is on delivering high-quality, durable products with a minimal impact on the environment and positive impact on people.

This commitment informed both the use of smarter materials, like Ecotone™ as a substitute for marble, and the application of innovative finishes such as g_cover — an innovative wood coating made from upgraded-recycled graphite powder.

Advances in material innovation play a relevant part in Arclinea’s commitment to preserving and regenerating the environment we inhabit, through the design of extraordinary kitchen spaces which can inspire stronger connections to quintessential ingredients for life — food, family and nature.

In the centre, visitors to Via Durini 7 will discover a warm and elegant version of Convivium — an island with a stunning waterfall worktop and stainless steel sides that are complemented by the Era snack bar in natural oak. This warm, natural wood finish continues along the operative wall, which also features the Convivium new professional door in NTF natural oak and grooved handles in stainless steel. The living/snack bar wall features two new pocket systems — one as a dresser and one as a studio — showcasing the versatility of this flawlessly-designed system. A tall glass unit includes doors with black varnished aluminium frames and Stopsol glass. Inside a connection to nature is maintained with the use of natural oak.

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Arclinea Milano Showroom_Milan Design Week_kitchen collection__Durini_8
Arclinea Milano Showroom_Milan Design Week_kitchen collection__Durini_9
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Arclinea Milano Showroom_Milan Design Week_kitchen collection__Durini_12
Arclinea Convivium kitchen, doors and new pocket system

In the window, a new look is revealed for the Italia island. Its welcoming layout includes a waterfall worktop and Canto snack bar in black PVD steel. Vintage stainless steel sides are paired with doors in the same finish that include the Italia integrated handle. The new g_cover finishing is applied to the wood paneling of the Modus system doors, yielding a warm and inviting tone of grey.

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Arclinea Milano Showroom_Milan Design Week_kitchen collection__Durini_14
Arclinea Convivium kitchen, doors and new pocket system

Experience Drawing Better Connections, at Arclinea, Via Durini 7, Milan, 18-23 April 2023.

Photo: Leonardo Pelucchi