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Functionality becomes aesthetic in Proxima, the new kitchen of the Arclinea Collection, designed and coordinated by Antonio Citterio. The design of this model is developed from the desire to combine the efficiency of large appliances with an evolved design. The result is a hyper-equipped and performing kitchen, with an original and resolute aesthetic, which combines practicality and elegance, functionality and formal harmony. Brand new elements underline the professional inspiration of this model: Hortus, designed for the cultivation of small vegetables using hydroponic technology, and Inverso, where the inside of the cabinet can be completely rotated outwards. Proxima, resulting from a project that suggests new ways of living the kitchen space, combines design and technology in a product with a strong personality, balanced between professionalism and familiarity. A kitchen that becomes a laboratory for experimentation, as well as a convivial environment, designed for people and their passions.

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The Proxima handle, along the entire perimeter of the island, and at full height on the wall units, defines the aesthetics and makes the opening of doors and drawers extremely easy. In its horizontal version, it looks like a single bar, an element of continuity that on the short side of the kitchen island takes on the function of a dish towel holder, just like in professional contexts. In the vertical version it becomes a strong, distinctive sign, as well as a practical element.

“The concept stems from the desire to design a kitchen that prioritises both functionality and aesthetics.”
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Under the worktop of the large stainless-steel island, the exclusive equipment of the collection for drawers adapts to the 76.2 cm new modularity, maintaining the variety of compositional possibilities. The interiors suggest the optimal position of tools and tableware and facilitate easy access and use, helping to create the best conditions for food preparation.

Arclinea_kitchen_Proxima_stainless steel_6

The working island with generous dimensions (w 445.6 x d 148.8 x h 92.1 cm) and American modularity (w 76.2 cm), entirely in stainless steel, integrates all the functional tools of the professional kitchen, and facilitate the work on both sides. The worktop houses two flush-mounted washbasins and a sliding PaperStone® grid, complementary to the built-in hyper-performing stove-oven station. The perimeter handle, which on the side becomes a convenient dish towel holder, underline the professional attitude of the kitchen.

Arclinea_kitchen_Proxima_stainless steel_7

The brand new Hortus element (single module w 90 x d 61 x h 213 cm), realized for the cultivation of small vegetables that, using the hydroponic technique controlled by a software, offers the possibility of always having fresh products for your table. The cabinet, with pull-out tray-drawers, expands the Duet collection, characterized by double large coplanar doors with infinity opening, whose function also changes depending on the location: Hortus, indoor garden in the kitchen; Vina, cellar-bar in the dining room; Madia, treasure chest of precious objects in the living room.

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In the configuration of Proxima featuring lacquered doors and snack table Era system, the classic modularity is adopted and the appliances are placed in the columns. The kitchen then takes on a more domestic look, while maintaining the characteristics of fully equipped space. In this layout, the handle in its vertical version is a sign that gives character to the cabinets and a highly functional look to the kitchen as a whole.

“In Proxima everything is extremely performing and evocative of the pleasure of cooking for others and with others.”
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In the island (w 445 x d 140 x h 94 cm, module w 75 cm) a new finish of the Collection, the Ecotone™ New Era Lasa quartz, characterizes the worktop in the configuration with lacquered door and fits perfectly with the natural oak of the snack table Era System. With great harmony of materials and large space dedicated to the consumption of food on the snack table, here seen in a spectacular C-shaped configuration, it can, of course, also work as a valuable extension of the worktop.

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The Inverso column interprets the transition between open and close through an impressive solution. Thanks to a sophisticated mechanism, the interior of the cabinet can be completely rotated outwards with an exceptional aesthetic and functional result. Offering the freedom to customize the storage space - some elements can be hidden while others can be put on display - Inverso is a particularly functional component of the integration between kitchen and living room.

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