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A family home nestled in the Venetian countryside, surrounded by a sprawling park of cypress, willow, and other cherished trees, has been redesigned to seamlessly merge its living spaces with the natural landscape.

residential project Italia arclinea kitchen venice italy

As in most projects by the Padua-based studio DDBA, the architecture was conceived as a living machine in listening and dialogue with nature. The resulting expansion and transformation are manifested in the large scenic portal that cuts transversely across the park, creating a sequence of landscape frames, the transparent pavilion overlooking the pool, which houses the living area halfway between indoor and outdoor, and finally the new dining area, created by reconfiguring a small existing building.

Italia - arclinea kitchen - venice3

It is in this last, more intimate space that the heart of the home resides: a familiar, flexible, and informal place where different activities such as cooking, dining, chatting, and playing cards converge into a single experience, lived daily around the table. Considering all the implications and nuances involved in the special relationship between the kitchen and its inhabitants was essential, and the contribution of Arclinea Padova by Studiolo 1844 was fundamental in creating the perfect context to give shape and function to these habits, taking care of the study and realization of the interiors.

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The choice to use an Italia island for the kitchen allowed for the creation of a highly fluid area around which to build and enhance the convivial dimension of the spaces. The Fenix NTM® verde finish, adopted for the storage space panels, was chosen for its chromatic nuances that echo the suggestions of nature, always visible through the large windows. The natural oak inserts of the shelves and Era snack table coordinate with the light wood finishes of the wall paneling, while the presence of a white marble with grey veining, of great personality, gives a pictorial and very contemporary look to the backdrop and horizontal surfaces.

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A large dark metal fireplace, placed in the center of the room, only partially separates the preparation area from the dining area, promising to maintain the continuity of the space. Those engaged in kitchen activities can therefore continue to converse with those on the other side. Around the dining table, a comfortable sofa has been positioned, where one can relax even before and after meals: a way to extend the moments and duration of family sharing. The elegant, and comfortable atmosphere of these spaces is permeated by the reflections and shadows of the surrounding landscape, which, through the large windows, appears as an ever-present guest in the home.

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"In the kitchen and dining room, family stories and connections are nurtured daily, welcoming both cherished memories and new friendships."
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Architectural project: DDBA
Interior project: Arclinea Padova by Studiolo 1844


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