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“Extraordinary Foods” is Arclinea’s exploration of our connections to the cultural significance and environmental and historic contexts of food. Through a range of recipes, ingredients, expert perspectives, this celebration of diverse food heritage, flavours and traditions will focus on the preservation of local and seasonal ingredients through cooking and conviviality. 

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Sugar kelp seaweed from Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland, is a nutrient-rich marine plant known for its unique umami flavor and exceptional health benefits. This brown algae, also called Saccharina latissima, thrives in the pristine waters of the North Atlantic, offering a versatile ingredient for dishes and a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. A symbol of Iceland’s sustainable coastal resources.


Slow cooked cod with caramilized cauliflower pureé, seaweed & mushroom broth, sugar kelp, cauliflower & kale salad


Slow cooked cod
1 kg cod fillet
40 gr salt
20 gr sugar
5 gr dried seaweed

Kelp and mushroom soup
1 sugar kelp (fresh or dried)
300 ml water
25 gr dried mushrooms
30 ml soy sauce or tamari
2 garlic cloves

Brown butter
100 gr salted butter

Pickled sugar kelp
50 ml apple cider vinegar
40 gr brown sugar
40 ml soy sauce or tamari
1 clove garlic crushed
100 gr sugar kelp chopped fine

Raw cauliflower salad with pickled sugar kelp and baked kale
8 florets of cauliflower
100 gr kale
100 gr sugar kelp
olive oil

Caramilized cauliflower puree
200 g cauliflower
2 shallot
150 ml heavy cream
50 g butter
olive oil
apple cider vinegar


Slow cooked cod
Lightly season the cod with salt and dried seaweed. Portion the cod into portions. Season with ground seaweed, salt and sugar and let it stay in a cooler for at least one hour. Rinse of the remaining salt and char with a blowtoarch. Place on a oven wrack and Slow cook the cod in the oven at 100°C for about 30 minutes or until just cooked.

Kelp and mushroom soup
Add everything to a pot and let it simmer for two hours on low heat. Sieve to another potmand reduce by half.

Brown butter
Add salted butter into a pan and cook on medium heat until it starts to caramilize. Take off the heat to cool down. Mix the seaweed broth and butter right before serving.

Pickled sugar kelp
Add all ingredients except for sugar kelp in a pot and bring to boil. After it has been boiled, pour over the sugar kelp that has been chopped fine.

Raw cauliflower salad with pickled sugar kelp and baked kale
Slice the cauliflower florets with a mandoline. Remove the kale from the stems and bake it in the oven with olive oil and salt at 200°C for 10 minutes. Add the sugar kelp.

Caramilized cauliflower puree
Cook the cauliflower and shallot in a pan on medium heat stirring occassionally until it starts to caramilize. Pour the cream over smd reduce until a thick paste. Add to a blender with cold butter, salt and season with just a bit of apple cider vinegar.

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Arclinea worktop kitchen sink
“Our cuisine is primarily seasonal, featuring produce from the island and the sea around us and hand foraged herbs and seaweeds from the island.”
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Gísli Matt is one of Iceland’s leading chefs and owner of Slippurin, a restaurant that spotlights traditional cuisine. By utilising local ingredients from the islands and surrounding area, it narrows the gap between chefs and food producers.

Art direction: Juma
Photo: Daniel Civetta