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Of all the rooms in the home, the kitchen is the most complex and fascinating, the place where cuisine and conviviality, the ancestral elements of fire and water, high-performance materials and cutting-edge technologies all merge into one. The Arclinea response to this complexity has always been to marry technical and practical precision, the innovation of shape with that of space. This is why it has worked for many years with a designer like Antonio Citterio, with the aim of producing not only equipment and furnishings, but also a new concept for cooking and living spaces.
“From the start we wanted to apply design to shapes as well as to the concept of space not solely dedicated to the preparation of food and to the dining table but also to the conduction of other living functions.”

Back in 1988, the Arclinea project already had the objective of bringing innovation into the cooking zone. The first product symbolising a new concept was Italia byAntonio Citterio, which borrowed the materials, methods and uses of professional equipment. The aesthetics were all new, thanks to inalterable steel and its resistance to water and flame, technically worked with the precision required for optimum functional performance. The worktops are deeper, rationalised and organised for preparation and cooking, with dedicated double sinks for food and washing up, the aim being to provide the right work tools for maximum quality results. Over the years, the professional concept has expanded to include new products and has seen the addition of further technical solutions, better-performing equipment and more sophisticated finishes.

DOUBLE ISLAND PEOPLE_Kitchen philosophy_2
Italia double operational island: the professional ‘concept’ meets today's needs and embraces careful study of changing needs in terms of performance.
ITALIA HADLE_Kitchen philosophy_1
Arclinea patented Italia recessed handle, artisanally produced by the company using a unique, exclusive process.
ITALIA DOUBLE ISLAND_Kitchen philosophy_3
Italia double operational island: the professional ‘concept’ meets today's needs and embraces careful study of changing needs in terms of performance.

Certain traditions see the space dedicated to food preparation reserved for the person making the meals, which helps concentration and keeps the best recipes secret. Arclinea had the innovative idea of opening this magical place up for maximum conviviality and its Convivium project in 2002 led to a logical design conclusion. A big wooden table physically extends the functional island and as a true furnishing element it creates a pleasing contrast with the work zone and brings back fond memories of kitchens from yesteryear. When the Closet system is then added to hide technical zone, food storage and equipment, this everyday living space feels lighter and becomes the perfect room for entertaining family and guests.

CONVIVIUM model_Kitchen philosophy_4
Operational island and integrated sharing table: Convivium expands the centrality of the kitchen to everyday home life to enhance space-sharing.
“Personal experience too, have helped us understand where the kitchen idea 'stands' and how to design it better.”

We do not cook just to feed our bodies;cooking is also an enjoyable opportunity for socialising while preparing food. This opportunity is fully embraced by the Lignum et Lapis project, which is both “kitchen sculpture” in its stone or steel monolithic form and also a small living unit. On the one side guests can help with preparation, on the other, which houses all the kitchen equipment, those cooking can share techniques and the pleasure of good food with their guests. The idea of the convivial environment is developed in a wall that fits perfectly into its dedicated space, concealing equipment and tools not in use in special operational units behind the Pocket system of disappearing doors.

Model_LIGNUM WITH NEW POCKET SYSTEM_Open_Kitchen philosophy_6
Peerless design is a feature of the Lignum et Lapis ‘sculpture-island’: conceived to be a self-contained living unit that is at once operational and convivial.
MODEL LIGUM ET LAPIS_Kitchen philosophy_7
Behind the convivial island, the accessorised wall and the functional units hidden by New Pocket System disappearing doors generate the perfectly operational kitchen.

The future of the kitchen was once imagined as increasingly technological, but lifestyles can take unexpected turns. Even in international metropolises, in the big residential buildings with their ever smaller units, the desire to share the ritual of food remains constant. For those not wanting to give up the pleasure of cooking for themselves and their guests, the new concept of the "hidden" kitchen has been invented. At different times of day, it appears and disappears behind an easy-open architectural wall that houses equipment and tools. Externally finished with fine wood panelling and made to measure, the wall itself becomes a furnishing element that dialogues beautifully with our favourite furniture-chairs, tables, sofas-just like people.

Modus_Kitchen philosophy_8
The wood panelling with Modus System horizontal folding doors creates a filter and a material partition between the home space and the kitchen area.
“The global market today seeks such high levels of precision and product versatility that to meet them one can only use the potential of industry 4.0.”