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The aim of Arclinea is to produce projects that last, capable of generating the desired kitchen each time. Because, while perfection can exist on paper, it only happens when the project fully meets all the demands made of it: a synthesis of combined values.

The Arclinea response to this complexity has always been to marry technical and practical precision, the innovation of shape and that of space together with the decision, taken many years ago, to work with the designer Antonio Citterio, to produce not only accessories and furnishings, but new architectures for living.
Angelo, Lena, Almerino Fortuna_History_1
Angelo, Lena, Almerino Fortuna
The Fortuna wood-workshop_History_2
The Forties, the Fortuna wood-workshop
Italia 2000_History
Italia 2000

Each innovation anticipates the evolution of cooking spaces, always at the service of a design approach that embraces the change with which Arclinea intends to keep alive the great Italian tradition, enhanced thanks to more precise design of tools, materials, shapes and everyday spaces.

Contributing to improvement of the quality of life is, for Arclinea, the real commitment that has guided business choices made over the years and which is evident in all the scopes of its projects. Quality, also intended as protection, therefore, striving to fulfil all the measures needed to respect man and the environment in an industrial sector. An ability for work organisation, perfect integration of the relationship between man and machine, optimisation of times and human resources - these are the ingredients that have made Arclinea one of the companies on the cutting edge of the Italian furnishing industry.

In an age when time is accelerating at an unprecedented speed and science and technology are bringing about ultra-rapid transformations, the very concept of history seems to be fading, at least in the sense of a series of events linked by a chronological and logical sequence.

And so we require more than a simple telling of events even when attempting to write the true history of an industry. The essence of a business must be sought in its culture of design and production, which is neither formed nor configured in a matter of a few years; it takes a necessarily long time to express the real identity of a company, which can only develop through duration, consistency and continual validation. In the case of Arclinea, this authenticity is expressed in an inclination to innovate kitchen and living spaces, teamed with the best technical quality.

In-depth texts by Stefano Casciani