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SHOWROOM, 30.06.23

London showroom Arclinea, high end kitchens

Housed inside one of the most beautiful buildings in the historic heart of Vicenza, Arclinea and Maxalto have just opened a new 300 square metre showroom, in collaboration with partner FPL Arreda. Within it, the values, design and creative synergies of Arclinea and Maxalto — both designed by Antonio Citterio — are displayed in perfect harmony.

0629_Arclinea Vicenza_5_ kitchen showroom

The opening of this new destination for design excellence is both an homage and a return to the origins of Arclinea, showcasing a fruitful creative collaboration between the two brands in dedicated spaces that highlight the elegance of the Convivium and Italia kitchens, timeless icons of the Arclinea Collection, and the Apollo, Febo, and Amoenus sofas by Maxalto.

Upon visiting the showroom, you will discover three Arclinea kitchens, each defined by unique design, created with precious materials and seamlessly integrated into the architecture of the space, enriching it and creating a warm, welcoming environment.

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Convivium in black PVD and Portoro marble, integrated Era System table in NTF Black Ash. Black PVD Convivium hood.
0629_Arclinea Vicenza_6_ kitchen showroom
0629_Arclinea Vicenza_7_ kitchen showroom
Italia island in Vintage stainless steel, integrated Era System snack table in NTF fossil oak. Double suspended shelf in Vintage stainless steel. Modus System door and Principia in NTF fossil oak with Italia kitchen in Vintage stainless steel.

Strong and reassuring in design, the Italia kitchen is a steel monolith that dominates the showroom showcase. The profound power of the material fuses with the timelessness of the kitchen to create an atmosphere of sophistication and modernity.

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Thea island in Fenix NTM® grigio with bush hammered Gravel quartz worktop. Gola profile in Fenix NTM® grigio laquer. Tall units: New Pocket system in NTF grey oak with new glass door units.
Arclinea modern kitchen. Thea island in Fenix NTM® grigio with bush hammered Gravel quartz worktop. Gola profile in Fenix NTM® grigio laquer. Tall units: New Pocket system in NTF grey oak with new glass door units.
0629_Arclinea Vicenza_12_ kitchen showroom

Elevated by bronze PVD and Calacatta marble, the Convivium kitchen is the impressive centrepiece of the space. Its large integrated table is the beating heart, while the bronze PVD provides the kitchen with a unique elegance, the Calacatta marble exudes tasteful elegance and refinement.

0629_Arclinea Vicenza_13_ kitchen showroom
Convivium island in bronze PVD with Convivium Elegant handle, polished Calacatta Gold marble worktop and integrated Era table in NTF fumè oak. New Pocket System in Lignum et Lapis NTF fumè oak, with polished Calacatta Gold marble worktop. Frame System door and Lignum et Lapis in NTF fumè oak.
0629_Arclinea Vicenza_14_ kitchen showroom
Arclinea kitchen showroom vicenza
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Arclinea showroom Vicenza opening
Arclinea showroom Vicenza opening
Arclinea showroom Vicenza opening
0629_Arclinea Vicenza_21_ kitchen showroom
0629_Arclinea Vicenza_22_ kitchen showroom
0629_Arclinea Vicenza_23_ kitchen showroom
0629_Arclinea Vicenza_24_ kitchen showroom
0629_Arclinea Vicenza_11_ kitchen showroom
Thea in white Fenix NTM®, with worktop in Satin Cork QuarzoTech.

Visitors will also discover a corner of the showroom that is illuminated by a contemporary and refined solution offered by Thea. This kitchen, characterised by white finishes combined with delicate quartz, brings an essence of lightness to its surrounding environment.

0629_Arclinea Vicenza_10_ kitchen showroom

The combination of Arclinea and Maxalto in the new Vicenza showroom design proffers a unique atmosphere and an authentic sense of home. The Convivium, Italia, and Thea kitchens come together in this harmonious space, showcasing a variety of styles and solutions to meet the needs and tastes of any design connoisseur.

0629_Arclinea Vicenza_16_ kitchen showroom
0629_Arclinea Vicenza_17_ kitchen showroom

Arclinea Maxalto Vicenza Piazzale Alcide De Gasperi, 18