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SHOWROOM, 01.12.23

Ensconced in the heart of historic Georgetown, the Arclinea showroom at the new B&B Italia Washington D.C. flagship store features two exceptional kitchen designs, including Convivium and Thea, both of which enliven Arclinea’s philosophy of fusing conviviality and design. The store, which spans three floors, has been imagined as a destination for pre-eminent local, national and globally recognised design and architecture professionals and enthusiasts. Created to facilitate a dialogue with the city itself, the new space comes to life in harmony with the authentic spirit of the building and its notable surroundings.

London showroom Arclinea, high end kitchens

Inside the showroom, elevated by its bronze PVD features, the Convivium kitchen is the impressive centrepiece of the space. Elegance defines this kitchen, with other design features including a vintage stainless-steel top and Era System snack table.

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Arclinea black island kitchen in Wigmore, London showroom
Convivium in black PVD and Portoro marble, integrated Era System table in NTF Black Ash. Black PVD Convivium hood.
Arclinea kitchen_Washington DC_8
Arclinea kitchen_Washington DC_9
Arclinea kitchen_Washington DC_7

Meanwhile, in the window, the black PVD of the Thea kitchen — alongside a worktop in polished Quartzforms® jupiter — converges with the timelessness of the design to create an atmosphere of both sophistication and modernity. Designed with intimate hospitality in mind, the island is characterised by the original design of the Waterfall worktop and Canto snack bar.

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Thea island in Fenix NTM® grigio with bush hammered Gravel quartz worktop. Gola profile in Fenix NTM® grigio laquer. Tall units: New Pocket system in NTF grey oak with new glass door units.
Arclinea kitchen_Washington DC_11
Arclinea kitchen_Washington DC_13
Arclinea kitchen_Washington DC_12
Arclinea kitchen_Washington DC_14

Admired for its federalist architecture, historic brick and frame row houses and cobblestone streets, the prestigious Georgetown district of Washington D.C. is at the centre of the US capital’s design community. Aclinea’s new home on M Street sits comfortably among numerous fashion boutiques, interiors destinations and art galleries that define the area’s creative landscape, introducing the brand’s unique philosophy to its vocabulary of both traditional and contemporary design influences.